We understand that website traffic analysis can be an overwhelming process and we’re here to help.  We can advise you on how to interpret the traffic information to your website, and show you where your visitors are coming from.

    Analysis of users

    We tell you the frequency and total number of visitors to your site, how they found it, and how they use it.

    Analysis of SEO

    We can work out whether your current SEO practice is having the desired effect, and what search terms are leading people to your site.

    Analysis of content

    We establish which pages are popular and which aren’t, and how long visitors spend on each page.

    Analysis of social media

    We can tell you which of your social networks are referring you the most visitors.

    We offer regular reports simplifying the information with graphs to allow you to keep up-to-date quickly and easily, and detailed advice on how to use the data to grow and support your activity.