We provide Social Media management packages across a range of networks, and offer competitive rates from just £7.50 per week.  Not only will we design and create an effective profile for you, but we will also build your following, engage your customers, and create communications to reach your audience.  We have a proven history of driving traffic to websites and motivating followers, and we have a particular specialism in marketing for holiday homes.

    Why do I need to use social media?

    A study in 2013 showed that nearly 80% of customers were more inclined to buy more often from companies with a presence on social media.  Social media is the new grapevine, the easiest and quickest way of communicating with your mass audience.  It will increase your exposure, your recognition, it will drive traffic to your website, it will generate leads and encourage sales and best of all, it’s relatively cheap.  For a great infographic explaining the benefits in more detail, click here.

    What social platforms would suit me best?

    In order to answer this, we would need to know a bit more about you and your business.  It is fair to say that generally it is not productive to have a presence on all networks, so instead we suggest you focus on 2 or 3 that best reflect your goals.

    The more followers the better, right?

    If that’s really what you’re looking for, we can help, but we would strongly advise using that approach.  Unfortunately, while collecting as many followers as possible may look good in terms of numbers, it is relatively useless in raising awareness or developing a base of potential clients.  Next time you see a profile with tens of thousands of followers, have a glance down their follower list – do they all look like real people?  Are they all prospective clients and customers?  Probably not.

    At Stargazy Solutions we believe in building a relevant and interested following of real people who are active on the network.  This may mean slightly slower progress, but you can be sure that your base will only include people who could have a genuine interest in your company.  No fake profiles, no spam.  We work closely with you to identify the demographic that you feel is your target audience.

    What if I don't want to commit?

    No problem.  It costs just £18 per platform for us to set up your profiles.  After that, the minimum service contract is for 4 weeks which can cost as little as £30.  Once that period has expired, you’re welcome to stop using the service, but we suspect you won’t want to when you see the benefits beginning to emerge!  Alternatively, we offer a Pay-As-You-Go service so you can commission as much or as little work as you like!

    How much will it cost?

    We have a range of packages, from simple Pay-As-You-Go, to campaign services.  Our cheapest package is £30 per calendar month – we think you’ll find we’re the most competitively priced social media solution in the area,  Scroll down the page to view our pricing.

    If you’re not sure what platform(s) would best serve you, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will guide you through your options.


    Our main area of expertise, this site allows you to build an audience of potential customers and fans and communicate with the public.


    Let us create a profile on Google+, and your ranking in Google search will improve.  We can create Google Business listings to boost your visibility, identify your business on Google maps, and create a following.


    This gallery based site is ideal for clients with a visual service or product.  We can upload and watermark your images and collate them on boards to show off what you do.


    We can help you create effective marketing and share-worthy content.

    Social media pricing



    per social platform

    • Registration of social media profile
    • Design of profile
    • Design of header / profile images
    • Uploading of service / product images

    The initial creation and expert design of the social media profiles, without ongoing management.  Combine this set-up with one of the packages below for a great social media solution.





    per hour

    If you just need a helping hand, or don’t want to commit to a set number of hours per month, this is the option for you.  We work as and when you need us.




    per calendar month

    • 3+ Communications per week
    • 30 minutes per week

    The basic level of service which includes simple monitoring of the accounts, and a small number of communications per week. Suitable for clients wanting a quiet presence on social media rather than those wanting to build a large and productive following.




    per calendar month

    • 8+ Communications per week
    • 1.5 hrs per week

    A level of service that provides a limited number of communications that will engage and grow a following.  At least one message is posted each day. Profiles are maintained and gradually developed over time.






    per calendar month

    • 16+ Communications per week
    • 2.5 hrs per week
    • 2 posts boosted through advertising

    The standard level of service includes a significant daily level of engagement (minimum of 2 messages per day) that will grow a following and raise visibility relatively quickly.  This package is suitable for clients wishing us to manage a single profile, and includes basic image creation services.




    per calendar month

    • 32+ Communications per week
    • 3.5 hrs per week
    • Minimum £10 free advertising

    A higher level of service that provides a steep development into a highly active social media presence that engages potential customers.  Publicity is increased through participation in theme hours, and interaction is steady and productive.  This package is suitable for clients wishing us to manage several profiles with consistent engagement, and includes basic content creation and image services.




    per calendar month

    • 48+ Communications per week
    • 4.5 hrs per week
    • Minimum £30 free advertising

    Our most intensive level of service is ideal for publicity drives, specific campaigns, or those wanting to give their social media presence a real turbo boost.  Social profiles will be busy and authoritative, the followings will grow quickly, and you will develop a large bank of active potential customers.  This package is intended for no more than 3 profiles, and includes full designer content creation and image services.