Transform Your Business with Stargazy Enginehouse marketing automation

Welcome to the future of business efficiency! 

Our custom built platform ‘Stargazy Enginehouse’ was designed to revolutionise how you interact with your audience.

This is the ONLY platform your business needs, combining powerful email automations and CRM features, sales funnels, courses and digital products, and much much more… all in one dashboard.  

Stargazy Enginehouse also includes an automated calendar, social media scheduler, a library for your courses, a single inbox for all your enquiries, multiple seats for all your team members (at no extra charge), integrations with POS solutions (and just about every other app imaginable!) and much more!

Our team customises Enginehouse to suit the needs of each business – no one size fits all – and never pay for more than you need.

Let’s delve into some of the core features…

Sales Funnels & Pipelines

Streamline your customer’s journey from first contact to final sale. The tailored sales funnels we can build for you in Enginehouse are designed to guide potential customers smoothly towards purchasing, boosting conversion rates and revenue.


The Pipeline feature in Enginehouse gives you a visual impression of where your customers are in their journey, allowing you to focus on specific segments.  

Nurture Emails:

Keep your audience engaged with personalised nurture emails and workflows.

Our email marketing solutions deliver relevant content to your audience, fostering loyalty and encouraging repeat business.

We have no upper limit on the number of contacts you have, so you won’t have to keep paying more as your business grows.

Smart Automation Meets Artificial Intelligence

Automated Responses & Audience Segmentation:

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all marketing. Our automated responses and segmentation tools address individual customer needs.

Do you want customers to receive a specific email (or set of emails) when they take a certain action? Would you like to automatically create different segments of your customers that are interested in different offers?

This targeted approach ensures a more personal and effective interaction with your audience.

Artificial Intelligence:

Stay ahead of the curve with our tools based on OpenAI technology. From crunching data and reading enquiries, to creating content that’s written in your exact tone of voice, let us show you what well-trained AI can do.

We can integrate your Enginehouse with a huge variety of apps and platforms too.

Benefits of Automation for Business Owners

Affordable Solutions:

We believe in providing cost-effective automation solutions for business in Cornwall and beyond. Our services are designed to suit a range of budgets, ensuring high-quality automation is accessible for businesses of all sizes.

Prices for Enginehouse start at just £99 per month, and we also offer fully managed solutions… you tell us what you want, and we’ll build it!


Free up valuable time for business owners. Automation handles repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on growth and innovation.

Join Us: Embrace the future of marketing automation. Contact us today to explore how our solutions can transform your business.